For small erections may be finished by their first architects, grand ones, true ones, ever leave the copestone to posterity.  God keep me from ever completing anything.  This whole book is but a draught–nay but the draught of a draught.  Oh Time, Strength, Cash and Patience.

Herman Melville, Moby-Dick, Chapter32, Cetology

So times never change, and we see that ADHD is not some revolutionary new evolution of the human mind in response to a multimedia, instant gratification society.  Not the fault, as has been implied, of Sesame Street entering the suburban family home in 1968 what with it’s fast paced editing aimed at developing minds.  Melville meanders, he looms and drifts and rambles, and, apparently, has trouble completing tasks.  He had a few career paths.

I’ve been so many things that run somewhat on par with Melville–minus that writing the great American novel thing, which really, puts his points way over mine.  But it has recently occurred to me that my most recent position is a most curiously valued thing.  Hailed to ones face, dismissed behind the back.  Did my four year old really get turned away for not having previous school records?  God forbid, she is four, she’s been home making chalk drawings on the sidewalk and discussing Melville with her mother.  But I avoid the point, which is, I can’t maintain this much longer.  The child does have to enter the system, and I must return to some form of monetary worth.  Did someone say it before Stuart Smalley pointed out its ludicracy: “If you can dream it, you can be it.”?  I imagine it was on some poster sold in Spencer’s Gift Shops across America, next to the Ziggy mugs and the “Test Your Own Biorhythms” machine.  At any rate, it’s a crock I would never sell to my own.  There is such deceit in the omission.  Oh, my dearest first born, you may dream of advancing the field of robotics to levels which leave your name etched into the codes of time.  But first things first.  First you have to pass fourth grade, and that means you need to  remember to show your work in long division. and, yes, welcome to the twenty first century–it’s Texas, son.  Learn to speak Spanish.