Aloft, like a royal czar and king, the sun seemed giving this gentle air to this bold and rolling sea; even as bride to groom. And at the girdling line of the horizon, a soft and tremulous motion – most seen here at the equator – denoted the fond, throbbing trust, the loving alarms, with which the poor bride gave her bosom away.

Chapter 132, The Symphony


Last week I fell in love.

Madly ,

deeply ,

undeniable and


in love. . .

with my husband of fifteen years.

It happens sometimes.

Without a birth, or a death,

Without the jarring realignment of a move from one home to the next,

Without any transition at all.

It can come without a long separation,

Without an absence depriving me for nights on end

of his presence pressing warm against my spine,

his arm anchored around my ribs,

to pull me in to him.

It happens sometimes for no reason at all except

That he is


Stubbornly there.

And that  I have slipped just far enough away to see myself whole

Outside of him.

And I suddenly long

For the harbor

of his intimate knowledge of me.

He has studied me

and learned me over the course

of two decades.

And the knowledge has not left him


but rather,

the knowledge is its own pleasure.

The depth of the knowledge

Carves a  secret, private world where the two of us


can escape.

And there is too,

the capacity he displays in his

determination to view the fact

that I,


forgot the change the oil in the van

for three years

and now the engine is shot. . .

as a sort of adventure.

We will help each other remember

to pour a quart of oil in

every Saturday

Oh, yes, it is burning oil badly now,

a puff of  blue smoke at ignition

clouds over the bumper sticker which reads, ironically:

“Environmental Protection

IS a Family Value”

And we cringe, at our lack of funds

To maintain our ethics.

But he speaks no blame.

In the midst of this


and everyday





it is not often noted that just as often

as things fall apart,

they come together

and after fifteen years

he can insist

he wants me,

only me,

as he presses a mug of coffee into my hands


leads me outside

to point out the dew

which morning has left on the vines.



“It took me by surprise when you told me I’ve been sleeping, with my eyes open wide.”

Colin Devlin, The Heart Won’t be Denied.

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